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Versmissen Antiques in The Netherlands has an incredible collection of antique bedrooms in styles such as Louis XV, Louis XVI and Napoleon III. These monumental bedrooms used to belong to the aristocracy and nobility of Eastern and Western Europe. The condition and quality of the bedrooms is incredibly good.

The antique bedrooms go back as far as the 19th and 20th century. They are great examples of pure craftsmanship. A bedroom often contains several pieces of furniture such as a bed, wardrobe, commode, dressing table, chairs and nightstands. Sometimes we also have a solitary piece of bedroom furniture for sale.

European antique bedrooms

All antique bedrooms of Versmissen Antiques were created in Europe. A lot of them come from France or Belgium. Some are made out of walnut or Burl walnut, others out of oak or rosewood. The wood is often combined with brass inlay and marble tabletops.

What most people love about antiques and antique styles are the specific features and extraordinary details of every piece of furniture. The antique bedrooms too have beautiful shapes, turnings, patterns, carvings and other ornaments. Just choose the style you like!

Order online

Our website gives you a first impression of the European antiques we have in stock. If you click on a specific bedroom set you will find more details about the number of pieces, country of origin, material and sizes. You can request more extended information by using the button ‘add to info request’. This button can be found on every separate product page. We will gladly provide you with all information and prices once we received your list!

Your orders are in safe hands with Versmissen Antiques. All goods you purchase are capably packed with the best materials in order to avoid any possible shipping damage. Our own crew packs each order inside our own warehouse and handles all paperwork too.

Versmissen Antiques

Ever since the start in 1970 family Versmissen runs Versmissen Antiques. With decades of experience and knowledge Versmissen has become an important player in the field of European antiques. Thanks to our broad network we have weekly new arrivals.

If you can’t find the bedroom you are dreaming of or if you have a special wish regarding a certain piece of antique furniture, please let us know and we will help you find it! Have a look at our website or visit us in The Netherlands: we are only about 1 hour away from Amsterdam airport.