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Looking for a wholesaler with a wide collection of high quality antique vitrines? Versmissen Antiques in the Netherlands is the best place to buy beautiful European antique. Our collection of antique furniture consists out of tables, chairs, dining rooms, desks, bedrooms, nightstands, commodes, cabinets and vitrines.

The vitrines date back to the late 19th and early 20th century. Our collection incorporates a lot of famous ancient styles. Amongst others we have Louis XVI vitrines, Louis XV, Louis XIII, Louis Philip, Baroque, Breton, Biedermeier, Jugendstil, Henry II and Art deco.

Sublime and subtle

All antique vitrines we have in stock are in very good condition concerning the wood as well as the glass doors. They were manufactured roughly between 1860 and 1920, mainly in France, Germany and the Netherlands. The vitrines are made out of either walnut, walnut golded, Burl walnut, rosewood, painted gold, mahogany or oak.

These lovely pieces of antique furniture are subtle and richly decorated with paintings and carvings. The decorations often reflect images or scenes from the past. Some have rustic ironwork while others have inlay and velvet inside. No matter what style you prefer, you can always find something you like within our wide collection of European antiques!

Reliable partner

Versmissen Antiques was founded in 1970 and has been an important player in the field of European Antiques ever since. Thanks to our experience, knowledge, network, own warehouse and crew we are able to take care of everything that is needed for a safe and reliable shipment or airfreight. Any vitrines or other antiques you purchase will be competently packed with the best materials to avoid any possible transporting damage.

If you want to see and experience our entire collection, you are more than welcome to visit our showroom in The Netherlands. Our showroom is just a 90 minutes drive from Amsterdam airport. Eindhoven Airport is only 10 minutes away. If you want to visit our warehouse full of Eurpean antiques we can pick you up at the airport and show you around.

Vitrines in stock

In this category you will find all the European antique vitrines we have in stock. We do our utmost to keep our website up-to-date. However it is possible that a certain vitrine is already sold but not yet removed from the website. We do apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.